I bet meetings are a big part of your work life.  In his Ted-X-UNC-Charlotte Talk, Steven Rogelberg suggests six ways to make them better. 

  • Invite the smallest number of participants possible.  No spectators or people there just to listen.  Attend only the part of the meeting that’s relevant to you.  
  • Be a good host if you’re the meeting leader.  Greet attendees, introduce people who don’t know each other and provide snacks.  
  • Break out of the one-hour box.  The default meeting length of one hour should be shortened if topics can still be adequately covered.  Standing meetings, rather than sitting, can also speed things up.  
  • Switch up the format. Try walking meetings.  Research shows they can increase satisfaction and creativity.  
  • Shake up the agenda.Organize it by questions rather than topics.  This can help determine who needs to be in the room…probably, just those who can answer the questions.  
  • Finally, periodically, ask for feedback to evaluate your meetings.