Increase Your Chances of Success Before You Take On The Boss

Speaking truth to power is important, and risky. Often, it’s hard to understand when and why speaking up might backfire. Harvard Business Review contributors Megan Reitz and John Higgins suggest asking yourself these questions before confronting someone above you.

  1. How much do you believe in your own opinion?  How much do you care about the situation, and how will you feel if you say nothing?
  2. Do you have a realistic grasp of the consequences?  How have other vocal employees been treated in the recent past?
  3. In light of workplace politics, how will your words play?  Consider the underlying social dynamics.
  4. What social rules govern how well you’ll be heard?  Labels and titles can determine whether or not your message will get through.
  5. What’s the most skillful way to ensure you’re heard?  For the best outcome, know how, when and to whom you can open up to.

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