Soft Skills For The Future

The folks at Fast Company talked to job experts to find out what skills will be most important to employers in the future. Here are five that you may or may not see in the job posting.

  • Storytelling – being able to figure out the needs of stakeholders and then building a solid argument that leaders buy-in to.
  • Collaboration – someone who can work easily and communicate well with co-workers and all stakeholders.
  • Project Management – the ability to motivate others, keep everyone on task and keep projects moving forward.
  • Conflict Resolution – being emotionally intelligent enough to pick up on non-verbal cues and respectfully manage interpersonal relationships. Employers are not looking for people who “tell it like it is.”
  • Finally, Managing People, a nuanced skill that will benefit those trying to ascend the corporate ladder or strike out on their own.

Hard skills are critical, but soft skills like these are increasingly important for success.