Switching back and forth between hands-on manager and visionary leader is something many are required to do, especially at the top. Different situations require different roles. Figuring out which competencies to call on at what time can be confusing.   Here are some examples of scenarios that call for putting on your leader hat.

  • When setting and communicating the organization’s vision and strategic direction, or when launching big initiatives.
  • When identifying system-wide patterns to be addressed.
  • When considering organizational sustainability, talent development, and succession planning.
  • When the situation calls for articulating the aspirational, aligning the work force to move toward it, motivating and inspiring your team, put on your leader hat.

Leaders energize others by painting a vivid picture of where we’re going and why it’s important to get there.

To learn when you wear your hands-on manager hat, click here.

When to Wear Your Hands-On Manager Hat

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