If you’re a manager, you’ve probably experienced yourself switching between the roles of visionary leader and hands-on manager. Yet, the role of leader and manager are different. Each requires a particular mindset and set of competencies. Here are examples of when you should wear your manager hat.

  • When dealing with day-to-day tactical, transactional tasks that must be completed.
  • When focused on using and improving processes and procedures.
  • When dealing with near-term budget matters.
  • When you need to be a subject-matter expert with regard to technical content.
  • When you and your team are working on a fast-approaching deadline.

Managers ask what needs to be done and how – which requires specific, detailed focus.  Call on your manager competencies for those finite tasks that provide the immediate gratification of reaching short-term goals.

To learn when to wear your leader hat, or manager hat, click here.

When to Wear Your Visionary Leadership Hat

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