How would you like to start the New Year with free access to a coach who can help you break through to the next level?  That’s what I’m offering you today.  I’ve created a space on the homepage of my website, called, Ask Teressa. It’s a place where you can seek answers to challenges you’re facing.  

But it’s not just a place for you.   It’s a place where I can ensure that my Office Talk reports address real issues people are confronted with today.  It’s a chance for me to offer solutions to you, other KYW listeners, and Office Talk podcast subscribers, who find themselves in the same boat as you.  

Go to to submit your question.  You could be my anonymous source for a future Office Talk report. This New Year, let’s connect in ways that foster authenticity and happiness as we overcome obstacles and live more aligned with our unique spirit of purpose.Let’s get started at