According to many experts, we fear public speaking more than we fear death.  But if speeches or presentations aren’t something you can avoid, Fast Company offers these prep tips to help hide anxiety.

Pace Yourself.  Avoid rapid-fire delivery by tapping into your natural and comfortable walking rhythm. Before you’re on stage, observe your relaxed pace and try to match your speaking cadence to that. 

Move from the center.  Nervousness makes us tense up our core and move from our arms.  To look more relaxed, breath into and use your whole body when you gesture.  

Stand solid.  When you’re not gesturing, try not to sway.  Steady up by putting one foot slightly in front of the other, feet shoulder width apart.  Bend your knees and feel the steady connection to the floor.  

Stretch your vowels.  This helps eliminate that nervous staccato voice. Stretching out your vowels, even slurring your words slightly, will sound sharp and clear, and project confidence.