There May Be No Such Thing As A Selfless Act

Many people see volunteering as an act that benefits the people and programs they serve. But, ironically, what appears to be selfless giving has proven to be beneficial to the giver. Several research projects have shown that volunteers themselves exhibit improved psychological well-being as a result of donating their time and energy.

According to research conducted by a team in Bangalore, India, sustained volunteerism results in higher levels of self-mastery, competence, self-acceptance and a sense of engagement and growth.

So, volunteer. Share your talents with those in need. Doing so boosts self-confidence, strengthens your sense of self-worth, and expands your social and professional network. The selfless act of volunteering can even lead to new opportunities and career changes. Volunteering early in life increases the chances you’ll continue into your retirement years, when the benefits are even greater.