These 3 Questions Can Turn Problems Into Solutions

When something bad happens, it can launch us into a negative spiral of thoughts and reactions, “blame-storming” or an overwhelming sense of intractable defeat. Such reactions are not productive, nor do they acknowledge the full reality of the situation.

Remember, there are opportunities within what is perceived as failure. To address a bad situation with emotional intelligence, reframe it to open your mind to positive solutions. First, take steps to calm yourself, and then consciously choose to look at the situation differently.

Begin reframing by asking these questions.

  • What assumptions am I making?
  • What gap might there be in the way I’m seeing this situation?
  • What might help me – new information or ideas, fresh input from others – expand my vision on this subject?

Rather than internalize and re-transmit the negative, see the new data the situation has gifted you with. Use it to improve and create success.