Whether you’re a frontline essential worker, homemaker, striving young professional, or seasoned executive, if you’re a parent with younger children, your life has changed dramatically during the pandemic.  

Traditional support systems like school, aftercare, sitters, dance, sports, are gone, or at least not what they used to be. You now have to do it all.  Most parents with little ones – single or coupled – say they’re regularly overwhelmed in their attempt to provide excellent care for their kids and deliver excellent results at work.  How can they find a little relief?

Try one or two of these coping strategies:  

  • Make the start and stop time of your workday clear and distinct.  Every day turn off your devices for a while. Your amygdala will thank you and you’ll feel calmer.  
  • Carve out time for yourself to decompress.  Exercise.  Journal.  Read.  Above all, don’t isolate.  
  • Connect with empathetic colleagues and friends to feel a sense of release and relief.  Then reset and prepare for the next day.