Today, many of us spend our workdays online, in one-on-one and group meetings.  Here are some tips to help you make your presence known and have a positive impact, especially during large group meetings:

  • Be visible.  Turn your camera on to simulate in-person attendance.
  • Prepare.  Know the meeting’s purpose and agenda, complete assigned prework, review relevant notes from prior discussions, and write down ideas you’ll contribute and questions you’ll ask.
  • Use active listening skills to test your understanding of new or complex ideas – you’ll help yourself and others.  
  • Using statements like, “Robin, what are your thoughts about this approach?” is a good way to invite others to contribute.
  • Support ideas offered by colleagues, especially those who have a hard time being heard and valued over the voices of the favored.
  • Summarize key discussion points and action items.  This is a helpful end-of-meeting strategy, and it can also be an effective way refocus the discussion or transition to a new topic.