When it comes to use of physical space, what dynamics do you see between cultural groups, inclusive of race, social class, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender, and even other aspects of diversity?  How do those who are members of culturally dominant groups, and those who are members of culturally subordinate groups, use physical space?  Wherever you are, pay attention, notice. 

  • When the walkway is too tight for everyone to pass, who moves for whom? 
  • When egress is limited, who steps aside and gives way to whom?  
  • When there isn’t enough room for everyone on the sidewalk or in an indoor passageway, who moves?  Who stops moving?  
  • Who steps aside and allows others to pass?  Who acts as if they own the right of way?

See what patterns you notice in your workplace, community, and the world around you. You’ll gain insight into cultural power dynamics.