Selfie That Could Boost Your CareerI voluntarily had myself videotaped twice in the last few weeks.

One taping was of a keynote address, the other of a golf lesson.  Both were incredibly instructive.  I picked up specific behaviors, many of them subtle, that I could only fully understand by watching myself in action.  Pictures really speak thousands of words, but moving pictures are infinitely more telling.

While feedback from others is very valuable, nothing could compare to watching my image on the big screen.  I saw and felt more than anyone’s words could convey.  My understanding of what I was doing, as well as, what would be more effective was increased exponentially by the audio-visual.  When I combined the feedback of professionals with what I witnessed on the screen, my learning deepened.

In an age when “selfies” are the social rage, put that same technology to work on behalf of your career or personal growth.  If you have a presentation coming up or you want to evaluate how you communicate in important situations, videotape yourself in action beforehand.  If you don’t have a video camera, prop up your smartphone and hit “record.”  You’ll see what others see and hear.  Your facial expressions, your body language, your speaking style and your general presence. All of these are just as important as the words you speak — maybe even more so.

Videotaping yourself will be a gift of great value as you notice ways – large and small – that you can refine your impact as a speaker…or your golf swing.

NEXT WEEK:  The launch of Dear Teressa Tuesdays.  We’ve been gathering your questions and suggestions. Thank you to everyone who has shared the real-life issues they’re facing.  We’ll get down to business delivering real answers next Tuesday, October 1.

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