You’re in a meeting. Something happens. You feel like pitching a fit. Heart racing, head swirling, your emotions are red hot. Here’s a way to diffuse your negative energetic charge and address the issue.

Find someone with whom you can vent and get it out of your system. Vent with someone who will keep your conversation confidential and not fan your flames of discontent — someone who’ll resist the temptation to offer solutions at a time when you’re not looking for advice. So, set the ground rules upfront. Explain that the only help you need is for someone to listen nonjudgmentally, and with compassion. Then, let it out.

Getting anger, frustration or hurt out of your system clears the way for more effective thinking. With a cooler head, and lower levels of cortisol showering your brain, you’ll be able to think strategically and find ways to productively address the issue. You’ll find solutions that work for you, demonstrate respect for others and successfully address the situation.