As a leader, it’s okay to admit that you have feelings.  Sometimes it’s even good to share those feelings with your team.  But the Harvard Business Reviewsays there’s a thin line between showing you’re vulnerable and over sharing.  Here are five ways to manage yourself.

  • Figure yourself out.  Learn to recognize the signs that it’s time to hit the emotional pause button and look within to identify a feeling’s root cause. 
  • Regulate your emotions. Learn to control your words, tone and body language so that you avoid burdening your team with more than they can handle.  
  • Don’t become emotionally leaky.  If you’re having a bad day, admit it. Let the team know why and that it’s not because of them. 
  • Provide a path forward.  Once you admit that you’re feeling anxious or concerned, explain what you plan to do about it.  If others can help, say how.  
  • Read the room.  Pair realism with optimism by acknowledging a negative emotion or situation, and also pointing out the bright side.