In a recent article, contributor Jamie Friedlander shared three stories of successful people who decided to start something before they were ready.  Each person took a chance and pursued their business goals instead of spending time over-planning and over-analyzing.   

Friedlander, herself, was put in that position early in her career and her gamble paid off.  She offers these four tips to get you started before you’re ready.  

  • Do the 10-year test.  Ask yourself, “Will I regret not doing this in 10 years.”  If you answer yes, it’s time to start.
  • Beware of over-planning.  Make a basic plan, but don’t focus too much on having everything figured out. 
  • Ignore the voice in your head.  The voice that says you’re not ready, that you’re incapable or incompetent or that you don’t feel like doing this or that.  
  • Take a small step.  For example, start a side hustle while keeping your fulltime job.  Strike a balance between starting something you care about and being practical.