When people hear the name of my new organization – Spirit of Purpose – they often say, “Ooh, I like that.”

In response, I usually ask, “What about it appeals to you?” I’m interested in understanding the visceral reaction people have to those three words – Spirit of Purpose.

Most often, their reply is something like, “Spirit of Purpose strikes me as true.  I think everyone has a purpose.”  Then, they go on and tell me about their quest to know their purpose; their search to figure out what they’re here to do.

Others will say they have an idea of what they’re here to contribute, but they don’t have the courage to live it.  They’re afraid.  If they say, “Yes,” to their purpose, will their lives change?  They worry the change will be in a negative direction, resulting in loss.

Will they lose relationships?  Will they have to give up certain aspects of their personality and behavior pattern?  For example, will they have to be less angry and aggressive?  Will they have to become kinder and gentler?  Will answering the call of their spirit lead to having less money or material success?  Will they have to change the way they live in order to do what their heart and spirit call them to do?

It’s interesting:  we’re afraid of saying “YES!” to the very thing that will give us the most – the most meaning, the most peace, the most joy and satisfaction.  We scare ourselves with the thought that living in alignment with the energy of our spirit and the intention of our purpose will make us, and the content of our lives, less than it is today.  Talk about LIES™ – Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories – this is a big one.

Truth is to live with your energy and intentions aligned – to live your life with a spirit of purpose – doesn’t hurt, not even a little.  What hurts is squeezing your self into a life that doesn’t really fit.  Now that’s daily misery and suffering.

The calling and longing you feel for more of who you really are wants to have voice and room for expression.  That is your spirit of purpose.  Awareness of and connection with your spirit and purpose doesn’t make you or less, it makes you and your life more.  You’ll be more of who you really are – more of who you were born to be.  You’ll have more meaning and satisfaction, day-to-day.  Your life will feel deeper and richer.  You’ll be truly happy, perhaps for the first time.  This time, your joy will be sustained because it will not be dependent on external circumstances, but on your connection to your core.

The only genuine and lasting joy is to be true to your core essence and your unique purpose.  Until you do, all pleasure will be fleeting and you’ll remain dependent on finding the next big thing…until the satisfaction of that fades.  Then, you’ll search feverishly for the next big thing, until that’s no longer interesting.  Talk about frustration!

Opt for the real thing, the thing that lasts and has enduring meaning.  In that search, there’s only one answer – your spirit and your purpose.  Live the truth of who you really are.

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