Something is wrong with everyone and everything.  Fact is, there is no perfection.  In your workplace, relationships, finances, body, emotions and mood, something is not to your liking.  Even the good parts are not all good.  And in the worst of circumstances, bad isn’t 100% bad.

How you see the circumstances of your life, and the way you feel about what you see, is up to you.  It all depends on what you choose to focus on.  You can feel better about any situation, almost instantly, if you place your attention on its positive aspects.

Here’s a way to experiment with this idea:  bring to mind something you’ve been thinking about – something with which you’re satisfied or dissatisfied – it doesn’t matter.  Now, list its good, beneficial aspects – what you like or appreciate.  Give that list your attention.  Make a conscious choice to focus on the positives – what you like and appreciate about situations affecting your life.  You’ll feel better.

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