BIMOBY-Fall2013-2Today, people talk openly about their desire to know and live their true purpose.  The desire for deeper, more meaningful connection, to feel like you matter, is prevalent. Yet, we expend a significant amount of our time and energy chasing wealth and social status.  Once we discover that the rewards of money and position don’t align with our real needs, the felt need for change — to live more authentically according to our unique core values — becomes pressing and urgent.

Change – in career, lifestyle or perspective — is calling when you begin to yearn for a simpler past.  When your heart aches for that time in your life when you could focus on the things you did that brought genuine satisfaction.  These were things you were naturally good at, but these aspects of you didn’t fit the norms associated with being a responsible adult.  So you worked hard to squeeze your round self into the square hole of conformity, or you bought into the LIES (Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories that said happiness can be found in material possessions, achievements, status or specific  relationships.  When the pressure of this unnatural way of life really builds, you open the release valve a little by fantasizing about chucking it all for a different life, this day, this very minute!

If this sounds familiar, then you are on a quest for your unique purpose. Consider these two things:

  1. A specific job title or rank is not the only avenue through which your sense of purpose can be expressed.  You can apply your unique, constructive personal qualities, passions and talents in various parts of your life and work, right now.  Look for or create spaces and places where you can share your gifts, and you’ll find the qualityof happiness money can’t buy.
  2. Getting clear about your purpose is a process that involves deep, personal reflection, and it often requires patience and support.  Coaches like me can serve as your guide and witness.

Knowing and expressing your purpose will add the depth of meaning and satisfaction for which you’ve been searching.

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