Do you feel destabilized when change, conflict or unexpected opportunity show up in your world?  When thrown off balance by the stuff of life, do you tend to reach for the comfort of the familiar?  With a sense of urgency, do you attempt to short-circuit rising tension and ambiguity, alleviate fear, and “right” the situation that threatens your habitual way of being?

If you’re driven to restore your sense of equilibrium by stepping back into the known and familiar, consider breaking your pattern of resisting change, avoiding conflict and denying yourself new possibilities.  Step out of your comfort zone by leaning into discomfort and ambiguity.  Get curious about the situation and your reaction to it.  Notice what feelings, thoughts, assumptions and physical sensations come to the fore as you face into it.  Notice without trying to change it.  Just be there in it, observing, experiencing.  Then, notice the shift as fear recedes, discomfort lessens and a new sense of equilibrium is established.

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