Valuable Life Lesson From The Yoga Mat

In Yoga, it’s common for the instructor to ask students to set an intention for their practice. An intention is the goal the person wishes to achieve, like being present, breathing deeply, more fully embodying a particular posture. Intentions are powerful tools, on and off the yoga mat.

If you start your day by setting your intentions, you’ll establish a sense of purpose for your every connection, decision and action. For example, if you commit to growing your network, throughout the day, your decision-making will be influenced by that goal. Each time you meet someone or have a conversation, you’ll be motivated to expand your circle.

This practice of setting intentions can be very effective at work, at home and in your social life. It’s a simple way to focus your mind and attention on what you desire. It will also increase your awareness of how often you encounter opportunities throughout your day to achieve your goals and move yourself in the direction you want to go.