Are you feeling stuck in exactly the place you don’t want to be? Are you looking for the right moment – that perfect set of circumstances – that will change your life? Well, here is some simple advice: take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

  • Did a colleague or friend invite you to attend an event or a workshop?
  • Is your boss looking for someone to participate in a project or lead an initiative?
  • Does your child’s soccer team need a new coach?

On the surface, these opportunities might not feel as grand or glorious as the ones you’re looking for, but they can change your trajectory.

Opportunities sometimes may come disguised as a request for help or busy work. But, within these little gems are chances to grow, build self-confidence, meet new people and learn new skills. So, when you hear that next knock on the door, don’t roll your eyes. Say, “Yes.” Open yourself up to new opportunities that are hiding in unexpected places.