Resistance is data. Don’t make it a problem. Don’t push against it, get angry, or wonder, “What’s wrong with them?”

When I say resistance, I’m referencing those moments when you feel others are working in opposition to you. They’re saying, “No,” for no apparent reason, countering your good ideas, being confrontational and unhelpful, fighting against your well thought out plan. When faced with resistance, privately notice and acknowledge your in-the-moment reflex response. It may be a sense of surprise, anger, betrayal or fear. Then, unwrap the unexpected package, and see what gift is inside.

Ask the giver of the gift, questions like, “What makes you say that? How do you see it? What’s been your experience in situations like this? What do you think would work better?” Don’t push against it. Invite resistance out into the open by engaging in constructive dialogue.