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Did you know that you’re hard wired for teamwork? Connection with others, and a sense of belonging, are important to self-esteem and wellbeing. Recent findings in neurobiology support these claims.

In her research-based writings and talks, Brene Brown helps us come to grips with the ways in which we all, want and need connection, yet, at some level, feel that we’re not worthy and enough – not good enough, not smart enough, not successful enough. Feeling “not enough” leads to unwillingness to be vulnerable. Yet, vulnerability is inherent in connection. We have to be willing to be vulnerable enough to be visible and seen for who we are. Brene Brown coaches us to practice feeling worthy of connection and belonging. Take the risk of telling your story and sharing who you are with others. Have compassion for yourself and others. Enhance your sense of belonging by allowing yourself to be seen and known by others. Remember, connection and belonging enhance teamwork.


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