Trusting those we rely on is essential.  Yet building trust in the workplace can be a challenge – a challenge that’s amplified when people are separated by time and space.  This presents an important opportunity for leaders of remote and hybrid work environments, where mutual respect, inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and transparency are perhaps even more tenuous, yet still essential.  

To foster a culture of openness and trust, build in structures to ensure frequent connection with individuals, as well as the whole team.  Since chance encounters are less likely, regularly add check-ins to meeting agendas – just a purposeful time to connect person-to-person before focusing on task.  

Research tells us decisions made based on consideration of diverse perspectives are better.  So, make it safe for everyone to voice their ideas.  And be explicit about how each person’s role and contributions connect to the big picture. We all need to feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.