Hold Yourself Accountable For Achieving Your Goals

Often, the reason we struggle to achieve success is that we don’t hold ourselves accountable for reaching our goals.

Each day is made up of an untold number of decisions that can move us closer to or further away from our goals. For example: do I update my resume tonight, or binge watch TV? Do I research ways to get more training, or surf social media? Do I speak up about an idea I have, or silently let the opportunity pass? We sabotage our success thru the choices we make.

Remember, the conscious choice to change is always at hand. When you feel you’re working against your intentions, take full responsibility for getting back on track. Blame no one, not even yourself. No self-criticism or self-sympathy. When you fail or forget, feel frustrated or fatigued, simply start over. If your commitment is authentic, you’ll find new and creative ways to be faithful to your self and continue moving forward.

How Find More Time In Your Day

Does it feel like there aren’t enough hours to get important things done? Do you wish you could find more time in your day? Try tracking your activities in a log for a few days.

In your log, include dates, activities, start and end times. Record time spent replying to emails, in meetings, reading, writing reports, chit-chatting with colleagues, etc. Assess the value of each task. Is it of high, medium, low or no value? Note how you feel as you perform each activity. Are you alert and energetic, or tired and flat? Knowing how you use your time can help you find needed time to boost productivity, take on meaningful projects or expand your skills and knowledge.

Mindful tracking can reveal how efficiently – or inefficiently – you move through your day. It will open your eyes to time-wasting activities that don’t move you closer to your goals – activities you can eliminate or delegate.

How To Use Your Time Wisely

How you allocate your time during the day can mean the difference between success and failure. To better understand how you spend precious work hours, keep an activities log for a few days. Mindtools.com offers this advice for tightening up your schedule once you know what wastes time or distracts you.

Eliminate activities that should be done on personal time – like surfing the web or responding to personal emails. Delegate responsibilities that could or should be done by someone else in the organization.

Schedule your most challenging tasks for the time of day when you have the most energy. Minimize the number of times you switch between activities. Carve out periods to devote to critical job functions – which may include setting specific times throughout the day to respond to work emails. Staying focused and in control of your clock will free you up to do the things that boost your productivity and get you closer to your goals.