My husband likes to say, “A plan is one thing. Planning is everything.” His mantra speaks to the idea that a plan is an important tool, and being flexible and adapting as you move forward is essential to success.

Do you create a plan and get locked in, when what’s really needed is the flexibility of present-moment responsiveness to “what is,”? When circumstances change, what was once relevant and right isn’t any longer. Make your plan and keep planning. Consistently and consciously attend to what emerges. Proactively adjust. Adapt your plan to align with what’s relevant and important today. Mediation can play a key role in enhancing your flexibility.

In a study documented in Consciousness and Cognition, the lead researcher acknowledged that, “…meditation instantly affects behavior and…this impact does not require practice…our findings shed…light on the potential of meditation for optimizing adaptive behavior,”…an essential skill set for professional effectiveness.


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