Using the Implicit Assumption Tests, IATs, as well as, visualization and the loving kindness meditation, a Buddhist practice known to engender feelings of happiness and kindness towards oneself and others, researchers have made an interesting discovery. They’ve found that just seven minutes of the loving-kindness meditation, with the meditator focused on a person of a specific racial group, different from their own, was enough to reduce bias toward members of that particular group.

The seven-minute process of visualizing the other and using the loving-kindness meditation, which is the phrase, “May you be happy and healthy,” shifted meditators’ regard for the other in a positive direction.

Being less biased translates into increased effectiveness for leaders, as well as, team and community members. To explore your biases, Google the Implicit Assumption Tests (IATs) and take a few. There are tests for race, ethnicity, gender, age, body size and shape, etc.


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