The earlier we begin building relationships in the workplace, the easier it is to do our job well.  So, when bringing on new hires, after you’ve shown them their work space, the lunchroom and restrooms, and introduced them to the team, try this.  

Give the new hire a list of key stakeholders to meet with to better understand the business and their role in it.  Leaving it up to the person to schedule these meetings, within a designated timeframe, can help set the expectation that they’re to function as independent problem solvers.  You can facilitate the process by giving stakeholders advance notice so they’re expecting to hear from the newcomer and are positioned to engage and offer needed information. 

This approach means the new hire doesn’t have to wait for you or a colleague to introduce them around.  It may also reveal how comfortable the person is with being an independent self-starter. Of course, when a more formal introduction is called for – like when engaging with senior leaders – be sure to provide it.