Your schedule is jam packed, but there’s an important team meeting that you want to participate in.  The clock isn’t on your side, but with proper planning, here’s how you can ensure the team hears from you.

Let the meeting leader know beforehand that you’re coming but can’t stay. Plan to attend the first 30 or 60 minutes of the meeting and prearrange with the meeting leader to make your contributions at the front end of the gathering.  This way, the topics you want to discuss can be addressed early on.  You can share your input or get feedback before excusing yourself. 

Simple pre-planning can be helpful for time-starved leaders who want to participate in a meaningful way.  It also ensures that the team leader and staff feel your presence and support.  As schedules become tighter and tighter, it’s important to find ways to show up, contribute and make sure everyone gets on and stays on the same page.