You’re not happy in your job.  You want to go back to school.  You have an idea for a business.  But you’ve made no progress toward the change you believe you want.  The question:  are you really committed? 

Test the sincerity of your commitment with a few simple questions.  

  • Is this change something you really want, or something you think you should do?  Is the need coming from within or have others planted the notion in your head?  
  • Do all of your conversations – the ones you think and the ones you articulate – match your goals?  Or do you find yourself hemming and hawing over the amount of work it will take? 
  • Is your stated goal in alignment with your true thoughts, feelings and beliefs?  Or are you struggling in one or more of those areas?   

If your head and heart are out of sync, the tiniest challenge, the slightest resistance, will stop you in your tracks.  To be truly committed and move forward successfully, align your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.