Strong problem-solving skills are not only crucial in business, but also in life.  Some people do it well instinctually, while others could use advice on where to start or how to improve. consulted members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council to see how they hone their problem-solving skills.  Here are three of their suggestions.

  • Reflect on your worst times.  Blogger Zac Johnson recommends looking back to a really bad situation and noting how you got out of it.  Then reverse engineer your action process.   
  • ABN Circle’s Fritz Colcol suggests that you commit to always being a student.  He says be open-minded and continuously learn from others.
  • Define the problem before trying to solve it.  That’s advice from WP Forms’ Jared Atchison, who says you should lay out all the circumstances and options, and then decide what’s best based on what you know.   He adds, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.