A recent survey by BetterWorks found that 87 percent of Americans are reading political news at work. Nearly half of the people surveyed have seen discussions among colleagues turn into arguments. The heated political climate may be here to stay. Here are a few survival tips.

If you get into a disagreement with a colleague, remember, each of you held the opinions being expressed before the election. And, it’s highly unlikely this conversation will change your minds. So, gently change the subject to something less charged or – better yet – something work related…get back to business. Avoid an unwinnable argument. Preserve the professional relationship and protect your mental health. Arguing takes a lot of mental and emotional energy – energy you should channel into performing the tasks for which you’re being paid.

I remember when potent political divisions led to the widespread practice of keeping your political views, and for whom you voted, to yourself. The tide may turn in that direction, again.