A recent survey by Betterworks found that 87% of employees are reading political social media posts during the workday. 73% talk politics with colleagues. And 49% have seen a political discussion turn into an argument. If you’re concerned about the political climate taking a toll on your organization’s productivity, BetterWorks offers this advice.

  • Measure productivity against goals and hold people accountable for achieving them. If you don’t have clear goals, develop some that align with the organization’s long-term strategy.
  • Encourage work-life integration by giving people reasonable space to read and discuss.
  • Don’t argue with employees. It can lead to a breach of trust in the manager-employee relationship.
  • Unite over work. That’s common ground. Focus your attention on meeting business goals.
  • Lastly, Don’t micromanage. Employees were checking social media before the election, so consider cutting them some slack, as long as they get the job done well.