Mistakes.  We all make them.  What’s important is how we deal with them so that our errors don’t become our undoing. New York Times Better Living Columnist Tim Herrera has some tips for moving beyond big and little gaffes.

He recommends being honest with yourself.  Acknowledge that it was indeed a mistake.  Accept it, but don’t let it define you or your self-worth.  Don’t be overly self-critical.  That just leads to anxiety.  And don’t keep digging.  Instead, start doing what it takes to keep things from worsening. 

If the mistake is a real doozy, like making a wrong career choice, take low-risk baby steps in the preferred direction, instead of huge, life-altering ones. It’s a healthier, more realistic approach to correcting course.  For example, don’t think about quitting your job tomorrow.  Instead, nudge yourself toward a better career path.  Volunteer.  Shadow someone. Find ways to test the waters in other areas to see what interests you.