One of the latest phrases cascading through the business world is “disruptive change.” It’s used by companies looking to innovate, stand out and lead their industry. But when being “disruptive” evolves from business philosophy to reality, everyone along the chain of command could be subjected to urgent and dramatic change, often.

Change is hard. Repeated change doesn’t make it any easier.   People find it extremely difficult to adjust. They burn out, lose interest or, worse, sabotage the change. If you’re feeling the stress brought on by what feels like constant change, here’s my advice.

  • Don’t assume change is bad. Seek to find the reasons behind it so it won’t feel random or like someone’s inconsiderate whim.
  • Don’t resist or rail against the change. It will occur whether you’re on board or not. Use your mental and emotional energy to shape the change so that it works for you. Eliminating the mystery and getting answers to the unknown will make it easier to switch gears going forward.