Is your company good at diagnosing problems? According to the Harvard Business Review, 85% of C-Suite execs at 91 private companies in 17 countries believe they are bad at uncovering the actual problem. They feel this flaw comes at a high price.

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, recommends these tools for reframing problems before diving into solutions.

  • Establish legitimacy of the reframing process by sharing his article with resistors. A link can be found below.
  • Bring others into the discussion. Outside perspectives can change how a problem is viewed.
  • Define the problem and put it in writing. How people describe problems can reveal different understandings of the true issue.
  • Ask what’s missing. Once you get past the obvious, ask what’s absent from the definition of the problem.
  • Consider multiple categories. Is it an incentive, expectation, process or attitude problem? Or something else?

Click here for Wedell-Wedellsborg article.