The 15-Second Soft Eyes Challenge

When you look at yourself, what goes on inside you? What are your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and reactions? What do you say to yourself about what you see? Do you look deeply or do you barely glance?

We tend NOT to look at ourselves – and as a result, the world – with loving eyes? Try this experiment and take note.

Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Really see yourself. Are you taking your self in? Are you looking at your face, neck, hair, chest or shoulders, or are you looking into your eyes – the windows to your soul?

We tend to NOT look into our own eyes or those of others – not really, not deeply. When we do look, we often do so with hard, critical eyes, scrutinizing eyes; assessing eyes; judging eyes.

Our eyes aren’t unaccustomed to genuinely conveying acceptance, respect, kindness and unconditional love as a regular practice.

What I call “Soft eyes” express that love and appreciation. I extend to you the challenge of making “soft eyes” a daily practice? Spend just 15 seconds standing in front of a mirror looking into your own eyes, making loving, nonjudgmental eye contact with yourself?

Looking deeply and accept what you see and experience, without deciding if you look good or bad, ugly or pretty, pimply or perfect, wrinkled or smooth, tired or rested. For those 15 seconds, send your body, your soul, your self messages of unconditional acceptance. No criticism or complement…just acceptance of you exactly the way you are.

Imagine the positive impact this simple little practice will have. Try it and see. Then write me at and tell me about your experience. I’m willing to bet this 15-second ritual will deepen your sense of connection with your deeper self – your spirit and purpose.

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