Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

When talk of layoffs is in the air, it’s natural to go into survival mode. Yet, the best time to protect yourself from being the victim of future layoffs is when the company is doing well. At that point, there are plenty of steps you can take to position yourself as indispensible.

  • Always say yes to new projects or opportunities – even if they scare you. Leaders like employees who volunteer to be part of the new areas they want to conquer.
  • Make sure you’re putting your best efforts into the things your boss and the company’s leadership value.
  • Understand who the real power people are. If you’re going to last beyond a layoff, you need to impress the people who have say in who stays and who goes.
  • Demonstrate versatility, emotional intelligence and your ability to be a leader. Companies are more likely let go of people they view as troublemakers, unproductive, lacking ambitious, inflexible or not fully aligned with the company’s values and direction.