Of the over 40 videos on my website, tmgspeaks.com, the most popular one is, “How to Listen More and Talk Less.” I’m delighted that people are interested in becoming better listeners. It seems, at times, that the scales are tipping dramatically away from “listening to understand,” and toward “listening to respond.” The two modes are very different, and one is way more beneficial than the other.

When you listen to understand, you show respect for the other. Chances are you’ll also learn something new, and expose yourself to a different point of view, which can reduce your own biased, limited thinking. In sales or competitive situations, listening to understand can reveal important information that can help you craft a winning pitch. In conflict situations, it can help you more readily find common ground.

Check out the video above.  It offers 3 tips that can help you reap the powerfully positive rewards of listening more and talking less.