Unplugging Is Not A Luxury, It’s A Business Necessity

Whenever your weekend takes place, be it Saturday and Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, etc., what’s most important is to use that time to rejuvenate.  Here’s how James Reinhart, CEO of ThredUp.com, told Oprah.com he uses his weekend time.

He stops spinning. Follow his example by unplugging your technology and getting some solitary exercise. Checking your messages constantly places you squarely back in work mode and erases the advantages that getting away provides. Exercise allows uninterrupted thinking time, and improves brain function.

He doesn’t lose the last 15 hours. Midway through a Sunday, many turn their minds toward Monday. They start checking email, which starts the work-worry cycle.   Sunday evening is just as valuable as the rest of the weekend. Reinhart suggests hosting a relaxed get-together. Order food, have a beer, enjoy your friends and recharge for the week ahead.