Saying Thank You Is Good For Your Health

Researchers Stephen Yoshimura and Kassandra Berzins argue that showing gratitude can have a lasting impact on our physical and psychological well-being. Here are a few ways to infuse your day with life altering expressions of gratitude.

Consciously choose to thank your family and friends. Thank your coworkers and manager. Thank the courteous stranger who holds the door for you, or the barrister who makes your morning coffee. Make eye contact or do it voice-to-voice by saying the words. Write the words to someone in an email or a handwritten note. However you choose to do it, express the feeling. Science is proving that is makes us happier and healthier.

Make it a daily habit so you can feel better every day.  Simply say, “Thank you” as often as possible, and take in the quality of gratitude and appreciation those words convey.