More and more, science is catching up with TRUTH and is able to provide evidence and explanation for what has always existed, been true throughout the ages, was known by the sages and is understood by many today.

Since my late twenties, I’ve been able to see auras – that luminous glow around people’s body.  To me, the aura is evidence of the energetic field, a manifestation of Spirit.

It’s the most beautiful thing to witness the light that emanates from people.  To watch it shimmer and grow bigger and brighter in the presence of good feelings, loving thought and positive excitement.  In contrast, when a person is trapped in LIES that limit their knowledge and understanding of who they really are, the once bright light shrinks in size and grows dull and dim.

Do you see auras?  Do you believe in the reality of auras?  Have you ever had your aura read or worked on?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I just read an article in Science Daily that will interest you.  It’s called, “Synesthesia May Explain Healers Claims of Seeing People’s ‘Aura.'”  The article indicates that scientists have been able to identify regions in the brain of certain people that are “intensely interconnected.” The regions are responsible for processing a multiplicity of sensory stimuli that makes seeing auras possible.

While Spirit can’t be defined or confined, science now has technology and language to describe its affect on the brain.  Such information may be helpful to those who need measurable “proof” of the existence of the Life Force that animates bodies for a time.

The evidence of the presence of Spirit is everywhere.  I find that fact so exciting that I’m sure my aura is glowing brightly right now!

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