In a recent New York Times article, Simran Sethi spoke to a therapist, a scholar, a monk and a CEO about what it means to be good.  Here are a few ways they say we can bring our best to everything we do.

  • Be kind.  Kindness lies at the heart of goodness.  Know that being kind may require words and action, or restraint and silence. 
  • Pay attention.  Be present and alert to what is happening in and around you.  When you’re aware of feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations, you can make better choices.
  • Put challenges into perspective.  Focus on the impact you can have on addressing a problem.  
  • Hold yourself accountable.  Know what motivates you to do or not do something.  Use that knowledge to achieve your goals.  
  • No matter what, keep trying.  In the words of author Nick Hornby, “Keep goodness close to you as an ambition.”