John Vlastelica, former recruiting director for Amazon and Expedia, and founder of the Recruiting Toolbox says all hiring managers want their recruiters to be more strategic, but many fall short.  In a recent Society of Human Resource Management article, Vlastelica offered recruiters these three low-cost, practical tips to improve their hiring outcomes.

  • Get hiring managers involved early.  Train them to be visible thought-leaders who engage with online communities of desired prospects.  This will help draw the right people into the hiring pipeline.  
  • Avoid overwhelming hiring managers.  Disney recently decided that hiring managers didn’t need to screen all candidates.  So, the recruiters took on this job entirely to free up manager’s time.
  • Change the approval process.  If your company has openings that can be predicted, don’t wait until there is a vacancy to start the hiring process.  Start the approval process as early as possible to fill those jobs quickly.