Office Talk on KYW Newsradio

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The group, all senior leaders, was discussing the new business vision and strategy.  Soon, the conversation took a deep dive into the details concerning how certain initiatives would be designed and executed.  

As their facilitator, I called their attention to what they were doing and asked if this was the level of conversation they intended having.  They decided it wasn’t.  I agreed, and reminded them of the people, all around them, who have great ideas, genius-quality solutions, strong leadership skills and an eagerness to make a difference…people who understand the industry, love the company and would welcome the opportunity to contribute more, if only there was space.  

If you’re a top leader, share responsibility and authority.  Utilize the great ideas, talents and energy of the people around you.  Call me.  Let’s discuss tools and techniques that can help you make the transition from doer to leader.    


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