Do You Possess These 6 Inspiring Leadership Qualities?

Inspiring leadership is increasingly important as evidenced by polls that say a high percentage of today’s workers are disengaged. Some experts lay a portion of the blame on managers who are not cut out to manage people.

The wrong manager can sink morale, drive away valuable talent and cost a company a great deal of money. Hidden expenses associated with hiring and training, as well as the cost of lost productivity will find its way to the bottom line.

Do you possess the qualities that make others want to follow you? According to Forbes, it takes more than charisma. Here are six qualities they say inspiring leaders possess. Test yourself against the list.

  • Being a visionary – someone who provides a clear picture of the future and communicates it well.
  • Inspiring leaders enhance relationships. They create positive one-on-one and team relationships by listening and connecting emotionally.
  • They are drivers who are focused on making their numbers and completing projects on time. Generally, they’re accountable for their own and their team’s performances.
  • Good leaders are principled, powerful role model committed to doing the right things in the right way.
  • Their enthusiasm is evident through their passion and energy.
  • Finally, they are experts with strong and deep technical skills.

Among these 6 items, wherever you have strengths, make a plan to leverage them. Then, choose 1 area for enhancement and make a plan for improvement. Read relevant books. Ask a mentor for advice. Engage a coach. Ask a peer for coaching and feedback. Watch and learn from someone who does well what you want to do better.

There are all kinds of ways to strengthen your skills. You just have to want to enough to motivate yourself to get creative and act.

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