Walking away from technology is becoming increasingly difficult.  Yet, results from recent studies by universities in the UK and New Zealand say people feel more engaged with others, and their surroundings, when they’re tech-free. But, going tech-free involves an emotional journey.

So, instead of going cold turkey, experiment for a brief period before vacation to see how you handle it.  For example, try going tech-free for a full weekend and see what you learn about yourself.  Notice how it affects your mood and energy, your experience of your relationships and surroundings. Notice how you feel emotionally.  Notice if you feel anxious, lost, you don’t know what to do with yourself.  If you’re away, notice how being disconnected from technology impacts your activity level, connection with surroundings, as well as those around you.  

Post an “I’m away and not available until…” message and begin your technology detox.