Kate Siner Francis, PhD

Ever wake up wondering, “How did I get here?”  Ever go to bed wondering, “Is this all there is?” Well, if so, now is a good time to change all that!

My colleague, Kate Siner Francis, founder of the Life Fulfillment Formula and the Larger Visions, has a convened an outstanding group of 12 experts to offer you The Your Fantastic Life Telesummit, January 17th through March 6th.  Each hour-long seminar will take you on a journey to significant insights.  I’m one of the speakers, along with a number of other colleagues.  We aim to address your most important questions about how to improve your life and become more empowered.

In this series you’ll learn powerful tools and essential skills that will help you:

    • Be happier each and every day
    • Deal effectively with relationship challenges
    • Free yourself from parts of your past that no longer serve you
    • Learn to be a master of self-care
    • See more clearly how you get stuck and how to break free

And much, much more…

The series is completely FREE! Listen in from wherever you are by phone or computer.  Each workshop will be available for 24 hours after airing.  Be sure to take advantage of the life-changing wisdom that will be shared.

You’ll find the full schedule and all details for this FREE series at YourFantasticLife.com.

Remember, you’ll hear 12 experts, over 6 weeks, who will help you overcome the obstacles that hold you back from fulfillment and YOUR future – the future you have dreamed of.

Join us for the “Your Fantastic Life” Telesummit.  Sign up at YourFantasticLife.com.  So that next time someone asks you how you’re doing, you say, in full integrity, “My life is fantastic!  I’m fantastic!“

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