contributor Mark Murphy says that about 25% of the population are intuitive communicators.  They prefer knowing the big picture and getting to the bottom line, quickly.  Intuitive communicators enjoy a disproportionately high representation among senior leaders.   

To test whether you’re an intuitive communicator, Murphy says to think back on a recent conversation and ask yourself three questions.

  • Did the other person find an excuse to exit the conversation before I finished my point? 
  • Did the other person start looking elsewhere, instead of focusing intensely on me the whole time?  
  • Did the other person ask any follow-up questions?”

If the person exited before you finished, didn’t make great eye contact or ask follow-up questions, you probably took too long to make your point.  When speaking to intuitive communicators, give them relevant facts and do it quickly, without a lot of detail.  Cut to the chase.